Rick Lussy, Appraiser Candidate

R.C. "Rick" Lussy MAI, SRA Candidate

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Collier County Property Appraiser (Republican)

Election: Aug. 18, 2020: All Democrat, Republican, and Independent (No Party Affiliation) Vote!

Rick challenges Incumbent
Age on Primary Election (August 18, 2020) 70 July 29, 1950 Birth Date 90 Sept. 25, 1930 Birth Date
Florida Counties Appraised In 15-Florida Counties
Brevard, Broward, Collier, Glades, Lake, Lee, Manatee, Martin, Monroe, Miami-Dade, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Sarasota & Seminole Counties is 93-percent superior to one county experience.
Assessed in Collier only
Employee 1962 to 1991 = 30-years
Officer 1991 to 2020 = 30-years (30-years no appraisal)
Appraisal 13-States With Florida
Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas Utah, Vermont & Washington States: 47-years 77%+ superior varied field appraising experience to Skinner's 30-political appointed years.
Assessed Florida no others.
Non-Government Designations MAI (Member Appraisal Institute)
SRA (Senior Residential Appraiser)
Higher Education U of MONT Missoula: Bachelor of Science: Real Estate, Finance, Personnel Management & Gen Business. Rick averaged 18-credit hours to graduate. is 100-percent superior (12-credit hours full load). Rick is 50-percent above average if Skinner did graduate. 1-Yr College, No Other
  1. Rick shall correct Skinner 30-Years of Web Page misrepresentation: calls Assessed Value (unwilling seller) to be Market Value (willing seller) is intentionally deceitful; it conflicts with his annual report, assessed to market value ratio 85%+/- DOR form DR-493.
  2. Rick's skills, reputation (not be political/discriminate) licensed, certified general & twice internationally designated) with ability to deliver on time tax roll parcels accurate-&-uniform. Not presently consistent.
  3. Add back missed home & 2-barns 30-years of tax rolls guardian Coconut Grove Bank 700 Big Cypress Road; Higginbotham; ID #00370600004 Skinner 100% refuses accuracy: no in-person supervision-to-train-employees in-&-out of air conditioned: 4-Offices.
  4. Rick corrects Skinner's violation of six-full 5-year cycles: Florida Statute 193.023(2) requiring physical-inspection of all vertical improvements on record.
  5. Rick shall require Skinner to recompense Higginbotham per: Florida Statute 768.28(9)(a) on Form DR0462 for missed 30+/-year tax roll: 1-house & 2-barns 700 Big Cypress Rd ibid. As voter Pamela's precondition to sign Rick's petition to waive Candidate Filing Fee.
  6. Skinner refused Marco Island successful petitions to portal over vested Homestead Exemption new law. Lee Property Appraiser did it.
  7. Rick corrects Skinner refused 16.6-year (1/01/2004) to Portal-Over-Vested Homestead Exemption ($50,000-$500,000): 7901 Umberto Court To 8603 Alessandria Court (34112) in Form DR-501T "Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference" Fla. Stat 193.155(8) in new Fla. Constitution 27th Amendment.
  8. Rick publically declared Married Skinner's sex abuse on married employee mother: as verified with the mother's son: in front of her grand-son.
  9. Rick shall replace office antiquated 30-year computer & ossified software with experienced appraiser oversight.
  10. Rick to add "as is" assessment (date-inspected) all improvements percent complete without "CO" (Certificate of Occupancy).
  11. Rick shall not fiddle-faddle: "put-time-in" false "work" pretense to Not Do Required Work.
  12. Skinner's Certified Public Accountant does not understand: deferred-maintenance reserves!
  13. Rick not boast $1M+ budget Tax Roll Maintenance & not Do the Work, thereafter claim to save $1M+ as "Manager".
  14. Skinner hired two lawyers to stop these truths be told.
  15. Lawyers misquoted "Sunshine" Law page 61, not apply to Candidate Rick questions.
  16. Rick shall not hide in Lee County, on golf courses & Pro Bass gun shop with county Chaffer not to be recognized.
  17. Skinner pays International Green Machine to keep him in office.
  18. Skinner voided ministerial promised Oath Of Office to apply #1-thru-#18.

"There is no flair to fair,"

(quote: Keith Riely MAI of Shorett, Riely & Vance: Seattle, Washington)

April 27, 2020 Rick C. Lussy Rick Lussy MAI, SRA Property Appraiser, CONTACT: 860 Sixth Ave. South, P.O. Box 152, Naples, FL. 34106; Phone (239) 263-5413, Electronic-Mail rick@rickappraiser2020election.org

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After Success. A volunteer contribution-donor lunch shall be held following a tour of the main Radio Road Appraisal (of four) Office(s). Florida State Campaign Finance law requires all contributors be identified.