Rick Lussy, Appraiser Candidate

Qualifications of Richard C. "Rick" Lussy, MAI, SRA

Florida - State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser No. RZ0001564

Biographic Data

Florida Resident since 6/1988, Property Appraiser 47-years since 5/1973 University.


Bachelor of Science Degree, Two Majors - Real Estate, Finance, & Two Minors in Personnel Management and General Business. University of Montana, Missoula in March 1973.

American Right of Way Appraisal Association from 1973 to 1976.

Course A
Right of Way Appraisal
Course B
Right of Way Engineering
Course C
Right of Way Law
Course D
Right of Way Negotiations

Served as Assistant/Treasurer for Montana Chapter and Program Director in 1974 (and others).

Appraisal Institute MAI, SRA (from 1973 to the present) (and with others continuing education):

Course 110
Principles of Real Estate Appraisal Methods/Techniques (challenged & passed)
Course 210
Residential for Single Family Homes,
Course II
Urban Appraisal (Challenged and passed)
Course V
Cattle and Ranch
Course VI
Investment Analysis
Course 310
Capitalization of Income Principles
Course 320
Advanced Income Capitalization
Course 520
Highest and Best Use and Market Analysis
Course 530
Advanced Sales Comparison and Cost Approaches
Course 550
Advanced Applications
Hotel Appraisal Course
Troubled Properties, Revenue Forecasting (and others).

Current Continuing Education USPAP/Law/Ethics Course update; Business Practices and Ethics. (and others).

CCIM, Institute Experts in Commercial Investment Real Estate

CI 101
Financial Analysis
CI 102
Market Analysis,
CI 103
User Decision Analysis
CI 104
Investment/Negotiations. Comp Exam remains.

International Association Of Assessing Officers (IAAO) 1973 to 1976 Deer Lodge County Appraiser.

Course I
Principles of Real Estate Appraisal, Bozeman, Montana
Course II
Principles of Income Producing Property, Bozeman
Field Course
Metal Buildings field course, Bozeman, MT (and others).

Real Estate Property Appraisal Experience

April 2001 to Present:
Commercial & Extraordinary Residential: RICHARD LUSSY & ASSOCIATES as associated with Rebecca Pate SRA, AI-RRS: Appraisal Ass. & Consult; Kevin Lindheim MAI, CCIM (2001-2009).
2000-March 2001:
Commercial Real Estate Appraisal, Coastal Engineering and Appraisal Consulting
Shorett, Riley & Vance, Seattle WA, Albany, NY/Jensen Beach/Hobe Sound/Stuart/Naples, Florida, with 13 states production work include 3 non-disclosure states i.e. Alaska, Montana & Texas.
Eminent Domain work in Seattle, WA., Metro Area on I-90 and I-405. In Binghamton, NY on I-88 and Florida Department of Transportation (D..O.T.) review work with Charles Gardner, MAI.
May 1973:
Appointed Property Appraiser, Deer Lodge County/Anaconda Montana Department of Revenue.

State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser and Affiliations

SRPA-SRA Appraisal Institute May 1980, (Cert. No. 902668) and MAI admission July/2000; New York State General Certified Instructor/Appraiser (Certification No. I-45), no longer effective; Florida State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser #1564 Effective: thru Nov. 30, 2022; Florida State Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, License #SL531638 Effective: thru Sept. 30, 2022.

Court Qualifications:

Expert Witness qualifications in Montana Tax Appeals, District Court and Supreme Courts, Washington State Superior Court, Court of Appeals & Washington Federal Bankruptcy Court;. New York State Supreme Court & Appellate Div. 3rd Dept; Fort Myers U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Gov't Appraiser:

Grant County Assessor, Moses Lake, WA. Seattle Public Schools, Martin County Property Appraiser, Stuart, FL., Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, Boston; U.S. Marshall Miami, FL. King County Housing Authority, Seattle, & Montana Department of Revenue, Helena, Collier County School Board, Collier County Department of Real Property, Fla. Department of Environmental Protection etal.

Notable Assignments

wrote Wetlands Impact On Industrial Land In The Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts & Connecticut; Remaining Useful Life Study of Benson Hotel Portland Oregon, Non-Profit Industrial Parks In The Pioneer Valley, Springfield MA., Suburban Urban Fringe Office Trends with Retail Parking Evaluation Tucson AZ. Floating Bridge Conversion For Marina Construction Via Mixed use Development Evaluation Seattle, WA., Harbor Island Marine & Trade Center Expansion Evaluation-Seattle, Pelican Marsh DRI (Land Only), North Naples, Ford Motor Company Test Track Partner with Harley Davidson, Everglades Blvd. S, East Naples; Surplus: Larson Air Force Base 1,186 Unit Housing & Air-Strip Right-of-Way Moses Lake, WA; 5001 Redmond Road, 5,001 unit condo-conversion Redmond, WA; Sudden Valley Office Bellevue WA; Worlds Largest Carwash, Orlando FL,. Peterson Tower Anchorage AK; Skid Row Theatre & Washoe Theatre; 19-Story Pelican Bay Condo Insurance Values; Crescent Bay Waterslide, WA;


Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Blockbuster Video-Viacom Co.; Doron (Flight & Driver Simulation) NY, Canadian Freehold Ltd, Vancouver Canada; RBC (Royal Bank Canada) Bank; American Momentum Bank, Citizens Bank; Private Litigation, For-Profit-Developers, Private MAI Appraisers, Mortgage Brokers & Bankers, Private Property Owners, Architects, CPA's, Washington, NY & Fla. Lawyers, Consultants; Not For Profit Organizations et al

April 23, 2020

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