Rick Lussy, Appraiser Candidate

A True Story: Fiddle Faddler

Incumbent Abraham Skinner With Driver-Chauffer (?Golf-Buddy?) & County Car: On The Job.

Story from Bass Pro Gun Shop Sales Person fact witness: $147,293+/year Abraham Skinner, $45,000+/-County Driver-in-which-ever County Car, OR A DESIGNATED CAR.
  • A True story spontaneous with laughter volunteered by Gun Sales-Person.
Fiddle Faddle (read) "puts time in, not to do the work": also known as "Going thru the Motions" &/or "Not Walk, The Talk".
Saturday February 8, 2020 pm, EST.
NCH Community Blood Donation Bus at Sembler Plaza, Naples Boulevard Collier County. Incident occurring in BASS PRO GUN SHOP, South of Alico Road, Lee County.

Gun Sales Person: "You know Rick, since you are candidate for Collier County Property Appraiser. I got a gun sales job as I could spell 'gun.'"

In walks Abraham Skinner with his driver chauffeur (Remember this is not the office of Florida State Governor. And this is the only known Collier County government office with a dedicated driver-as-chauffer). He immediately picks up a rifle & starts moving the full width of the Bass Pro retail facility, spraying the entire interior of the room with imaginary bullets: rat-a-tat b-b-b-b-b-b, zing, zing, zing... hitting all except the fish under the bridge (if you've ever been there).

Gun Sales Person: "You know Abraham Skinner that would make one heck of a good political advertisement!"

Abraham Skinner's (His head pops up): "You know me."

Gun Sales Person: "Yes I used to work with your wife in Collier County Welfare Department."

Reoccurring Fiddle Faddler After 30-Politically Appointed Years: Abraham Skinner Property Appraiser: Incumbent Current Position Holder.
  1. Abraham Skinner the fiddle faddler cannot appraise Collier County property within this different Lee County-is not Collier County. Proves: himself a fiddle faddler.
  2. Abraham Skinner the fiddle faddler does not use guns in Collier County property appraisal office. Appraisers use functional literacy, electronic measuring lasers, little wheel measuring devices, computers and clip boards, pens & calculators: not guns.
  3. Willful waste of public Property Appraiser salary $147,293+/year by Skinner demonstrates: he is no leader & incapable of adding any value to this office; no skill commensurate to 30-political appointed years: wasted monies.
Hypothetical conversation: Skinner to Chauffer: "How about 9:00 a.m. Tee-Time at a Lee County Golf Course."

April 27, 2020 by Rick C. Lussy Rick Lussy MAI, SRA Candidate, CONTACT INFO: 860 Sixth Ave. South, P.O. Box 152, Naples, FL. 34106; Ph (239) 263-5413, E-Mail rick@rickappraiser2020election.org

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